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How to Make Homemade Yogurt: Plain and Flavoured

My interest in making homemade yogurt started with my craving for fro-yo. To tell you the truth, despite my self-professed strong relationship with food, I was a bit snob about frozen yogurt. That is, until me and my friends hanged out in this place and I’d tasted a green tea-flavoured one topped with heavenly berries and other fruits.

So back to yogurt. Of course, it’s always more convenient to simply buy it in a store, but homemade yogurt tastes better, contains no preservatives and is surprisingly easy to make. As such, I’m listing here the basic know-how of making homemade yogurt.

homemade yogurt

You only need two ingredients: milk and a cup of commercial yogurt for the active cultures. I’m aware that once you’ve done your first batch, you don’t need to buy another fresh cup of yogurt because you can use the homemade batch as a starter, but I rarely do this as I’ve noticed that using the previous batch gives varying results. So, just to be sure, use a commercial yogurt.

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A Ridiculously Easy Way to Separate Egg Yolk from the White

I’d come to believe that the easiest way to separate the egg yolk from the white is to crack the egg open and juggle.

Apparently there’s another method that will leave your mouth hanging open.


Yep, I hadn’t thought that was possible too.


General kitchen area

Smoke Points: Know What’s the Best Oil for Your Cooking

cooking oils chart

One of my mistakes when I started cooking is to use just whatever oil is available on the shelf, no matter what type of cooking I was planning to do. Pfft, how crazy is that.

As it happens, I wasn’t aware of the idea of smoke points.

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