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What To Do with Avocados: From Desserts to Pasta

My best friend has an avocado tree in his backyard, and when it gives out fruits there are literally lines of baskets of avocados in the kitchen, so he just gives them away (i.e., I take most of them since I’m a good friend).

So naturally, when you have this much in stock, you’ll eventually wonder what to do with avocados. Guacamole is given, so is eating an avocado plain and with a little salt.

Here’s a few ideas of mine.



Avocado milkshake

avocado milkshake

The easiest — and my favourite — thing to do is whip up an avocado milkshake.

Get an avocado, peel and pitted, and process in a blender along with ice cubes, sugar, milk, and vanilla ice cream. If I don’t have a tub of vanilla ice cream on hand, that’s okay, it still tastes great, but the ice cream adds creaminess. Some add a teaspoon of lime juice, but I find it’s unnecessary. It’s up to you anyway.

I swear by this milkshake. The avocado is delicious and creamy and a wonderful light green colour. You can find this recipe for avocado milkshake in Allrecipes.

In Vietnam, it’s common to serve this as a chocolate avocado milkshake (mainly by adding cocoa powder and using brown sugar). Sounds equally delicious. :)

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