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A Bacon Appreciation Post

burger king bacon sundae
Burger King's new bacon sundae

So, I guess you’ve heard about Burger King’s new bacon sundae.

I love bacon, occasionally enjoy sundae, and am normally excited to try out new dishes, but — surprise — I think I’d pass on this one. I just don’t find it appetising, plus it contains 510 calories according to Yahoo News and, apparently, the chocolate in the sundae is more sugar than chocolate.


Usually I’d be delighted to be presented anything with bacon, and I agree wholeheartedly that if you’re going to cheat in your diet it’s got to be bacon, but that bacon sundae doesn’t quite cut it for me.

I’ve read quite a lot of reviews saying that it’s surprisingly good though, but even though I’m curious about it, I’m not interested enough.


But let’s not get this in the way of appreciating the full awesomeness that is bacon. Here’s a chart (credit seen on the lower part of the photo) that will enlighten you on whether you should eat bacon. (It’s pretty clear: you should.)

chart on should you eat bacon