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Banana Madness: Banana Bread with Walnuts

What’s your comfort food?

Mine is banana bread with green tea. Or any other bread with green tea or hot chocolate. Or CHOCOLATE, that’ll be very, very good. Remember Barbara Novak in the film Down with Love? She says men can be replaced with chocolate, and she might have a really good point there.

But anyway — hehe — the real hero today is banana bread. It’s yummy, easy to make, and you can fold in nuts or chocolates for an added treat.


banana bread with walnuts

Honestly, I’ve had banana breads that are just bland, very minimal banana flavour, or too dry. Now, this banana bread with walnuts recipe is dense and moist (just saying for those who prefer a lighter cake), but it’s also delicious and very banana-y. Also a good way of using all those over-ripe bananas you might have at home.

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