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No-Bake Cookies n’ Cream Cheesecake


Can you believe, this is my third rewrite? Every time I keep deleting the whole post and starting all over again.

I made this cookies ‘n cream cheesecake for my then-fiance. Just to give you a bit of a background, very recently we decided to remain “good friends,” as for the past months the relationship hadn’t been really what you’d call “healthy.”  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I know that we still love each other, though he say’s right now he’s happy to have time on his own to review.


cookies n' cream cheesecake
Cookies n' cream cheesecake with a Graham base

So umm… the first time I made this, I went with the original recipe and turned against my common sense, ended up using too much butter that made the Oreo base almost rock hard (though still yummy). I enjoyed scraping the base with my spoon, but apparently it’s not the same with the rest of the family — who kept asking teasing me why I made it that way. I’ve adjusted this one and the result is delightful.

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