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Easy Eggplant Omelette

Eggplant omelette is a staple in our house. I liked to make this when I was just starting in cooking because it’s so easy. In fact, I didn’t have a recipe then. Just grabbed Chinese eggplants and eggs and proceeded to cooking the dish.

chinese eggplants


Let me tell you, though, the first time I made this, I gave this to my best friend as lunch (this is the same best friend who gives me avocados). He thought it was terrific of me to cook something for him, seeing as he’s the one more knowledgeable in cooking and I’m the one who prefer doing the tasting and eating (…”therefore, I shall eat”).

I didn’t know you have to peel the skins off the eggplants haha, so I cooked it with the skins on (it’s a bit hard to notice because it’s been enveloped with the egg mixture). The joke’s on me though because he shared it to his classmate even before tasting it. He was, uh, like I said, proud, and when they took a bite they looked at each other — so yes, that’s embarrassing.


So here’s the perfected, fool-proof recipe for an easy and delicious eggplant omelette!

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