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Tips and tricks

Valentines Day Post: How to Crack an Apple in Half Using Your Hands

The Script says that “when a heart breaks, no, it don’t break even,” but you can break an apple in half — evenly — and using your hands! Make that in quarters. That’s my sense of humor there, if… uh, that helps.


Here’s a video that shows how crack an apple in half using your hands. I learned about it when browsing Quora: What’s a cool/useful skill that only takes five minutes to learn? (I’m not sure, but I think you need to sign up to view the contents; it’s your choice.)


Here’s another one that uses a different hand position. See what’s easier for you.

It’s a good hack if you’re outside and don’t have a knife with you, at least much better than (a) gripping it and then throwing it at a wall or (b) calling Chuck Norris. The secret is in the technique, which you can view in the video. Unless you have superhuman strength, you won’t be able to rip the apple in half, so you have to apply  pressure from the apple stem outward. Try it with different kinds of apple, as apparently some varieties are easier than others.

In general, a good trick if you’d prefer eating apple in half or want to impress somebody. Heck, you might even get a date this way.


Have you tried splitting an apple in half? And, oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day!


Fruits and salads

Chilled Young Coconut Salad

I once heard someone said that you can live with just coconuts – drink the coconut water and then consume the meat. In the Philippines, it’s even called the “tree of life.” The point is that coconut is a very versatile fruit. Coconut water makes for a refreshing drink, coconut milk has many culinary uses such as in curry or as a creamy sauce, coconut oil is used for frying and coconut meat can be eaten scraped fresh from the shell or used in a variety of baked goods and desserts (coconut pie, anyone?).

young coconuts

I’ve mentioned these things because it’s nearing Christmas, and I love to use shredded coconut mixed with fruits for dessert. A sweet young coconut salad doesn’t require any cooking; just toss everything with cream and condensed milk. I like it better when there’s twice more coconut strips than fruits and I only like a bit of pineapple chunks, but everybody has their own preference.

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Recipe ideas

What To Do with Ripe Bananas

I’m a member of a couple of food forums, and there are always questions on using up some ripe fruits (yep, this post is a bit similar on the previous one about avocados). My first thought would be — make a smoothie. It’s incredibly simple, but then again, not very creative if you have to do it again and again.

So I’m making this post — what to do with ripe bananas (or what I do, anyway).

Ripe bananas are terribly good for cooking because they’re softer and easier to mash as well as sweeter and more flavourful, which makes them perfect for pastries and desserts. They can also be used as garnishes and actual ingredients in cocktails.

So here goes the list.


Chocolate-covered banana bites

chocolate-covered bananasChocolate-covered strawberries are as famous as Nutella, but using ripe bananas is excellent too!


Coat them in chocolate and, if you have some in stock, roll in nuts, chips, and other toppings. Perfect.




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Fruits and salads Recipe ideas

What To Do with Avocados: From Desserts to Pasta

My best friend has an avocado tree in his backyard, and when it gives out fruits there are literally lines of baskets of avocados in the kitchen, so he just gives them away (i.e., I take most of them since I’m a good friend).

So naturally, when you have this much in stock, you’ll eventually wonder what to do with avocados. Guacamole is given, so is eating an avocado plain and with a little salt.

Here’s a few ideas of mine.



Avocado milkshake

avocado milkshake

The easiest — and my favourite — thing to do is whip up an avocado milkshake.

Get an avocado, peel and pitted, and process in a blender along with ice cubes, sugar, milk, and vanilla ice cream. If I don’t have a tub of vanilla ice cream on hand, that’s okay, it still tastes great, but the ice cream adds creaminess. Some add a teaspoon of lime juice, but I find it’s unnecessary. It’s up to you anyway.

I swear by this milkshake. The avocado is delicious and creamy and a wonderful light green colour. You can find this recipe for avocado milkshake in Allrecipes.

In Vietnam, it’s common to serve this as a chocolate avocado milkshake (mainly by adding cocoa powder and using brown sugar). Sounds equally delicious. :)

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