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Jamie Oliver Guests in MasterChef Australia

On a recent episode of MasterChef Australia, the Jamie Oliver guests as the chef-to-beat of three of the contestants — Jules, Tregan, and big-glasses Alice — for the immunity pin.

*Insert excited squeals here.*


Jamie Oliver is, like, a legend in the culinary world. He’s young, charming *insert a second round of squeals,* and cooks great food that any home cook can follow. This, I think, should be the central theme of most cooking shows. Complicated or unique dishes are fine every now and then, but practically speaking, what we really need to know is good food that you can regularly make at home.

jamie oliver in masterchef australia
Jamie Oliver in MasterChef Australia. Photo courtesy of Herald Sun.

The immunity challenge involves making the best antipasti platter. Wikipedia cites antipasto (plural: antipasti) as a traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. Of course, on the onset it’s apparent that none of the girls would be able to beat Jamie Oliver, but overall we still get an amazing show.


What I like about this episode — aside from Jamie Oliver’s natural television talent and the way he quickly chops as if there’s nothing lighter in the world than a knife — is the way he teaches the contestants. I know that a lot of people watch MasterChef Australia to be inspired and to learn new techniques and dishes, but somehow, along the way, these just got lost. So instead, we get a lot of drama, suspense music, and less cooking. Somehow, with Jamie Oliver there, there just seems to be more excitement and energy in the kitchen. Honestly, it’s like watching a different cooking show; the atmosphere is different and a feels a bit like you’re cooking in you’re own kitchen, not just watching amateur chefs whip up fancy dishes to please the judges.

Jamie Oliver watched after the contestants and gave them advice, which is, I think, how it should be — not for judges to interrupt the contestants with silly questions while the latter are rushing to finish a dish and probably praying that they be left alone.

As it happens, the contestants weren’t the only one who were jumping-up-and-down-like-a-kid excited with Jamie Oliver’s appearance on the cooking show. Herald Sun reports that the episode garnered around 1.3 million viewers, and reading on people’s comments in forums and news articles on this episode, the episode is really well received. Hopefully Jamie Oliver’s style in the television rubs off on the producers and judges of MasterChef Australia, so we can, once again, tune in to a cooking show that is worth watching.



You can read a whole recap on Jamie Oliver’s guesting in MasterChef Australia in the Sydney Morning Herald. For me, it’s one of the best episodes in MasterChef Australia.

How about you? What do you think about this episode on MasterChef Australia?