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What To Do with Ripe Bananas

I’m a member of a couple of food forums, and there are always questions on using up some ripe fruits (yep, this post is a bit similar on the previous one about avocados). My first thought would be — make a smoothie. It’s incredibly simple, but then again, not very creative if you have to do it again and again.

So I’m making this post — what to do with ripe bananas (or what I do, anyway).

Ripe bananas are terribly good for cooking because they’re softer and easier to mash as well as sweeter and more flavourful, which makes them perfect for pastries and desserts. They can also be used as garnishes and actual ingredients in cocktails.

So here goes the list.


Chocolate-covered banana bites

chocolate-covered bananasChocolate-covered strawberries are as famous as Nutella, but using ripe bananas is excellent too!


Coat them in chocolate and, if you have some in stock, roll in nuts, chips, and other toppings. Perfect.




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