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Baking in February: Black Forest Cake Recipe

This morning I logged in on my FB account and found a status saying “Love Month.” I actually have a joke about this but then I’ve read about The Oatmeal’s The Worst Thing about Valentine’s Day and then thought, nah. He said it better in the comics.

Anyway, Valentines Day means different things to people. My office best friend wants to have a romantic dinner celebration with her fiance, my college professor is sure to be contacted by lots of his former students – mostly singles, heart-broken ones – for a group dinner (he’s a sympathetic ear), my older siblings are already in happy committed relationships and will probably go on separate dates and I’m looking forward to the discounted chocolates. It’s a love-it-or-hate-it holiday.

Oh, and I also want to bake something chocolate just because it’s the love month. I was browsing through cake recipes and settled with this one – Black Forest Cake. I highly recommend that you make this cake a day prior to serving.

black forest cake
Press dark chocolate shavings on the side instead of crumbs to make the Black Forest Cake look gourmet.

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