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Recipe ideas

A Quick Quiche Recipe

What’s not to like about quiche?

It’s both delicious and nutritious, something you can’t say about other foods nowadays. It’s also easy to make, and a bit like stir fry dishes, you can use various veggies — asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms or sun dried tomatoes — or whatever else you have on hand. There’s so many varieties of quiche that you can try, so you won’t get tired of the same thing. You can make it vegan or add some bits of meat such as bacon or ham.

This recipe for bacon and spinach quiche features a crispy, flaky crust, with a tasty mixture that’s nicely set up. It’s perfect for breakfast and, if you have some leftover, for lunch. It’s also easy to tweak to your liking.

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Recipe ideas

Pizza Lover’s Surprise: Zucchini Pizza Casserole

Zucchini + pizza = perfection

I’m a great pizza lover. Have I mentioned that before?

In fact, one time when my previous office mates and I were hanging out together, Marvin said, “hey guys, you ever noticed that whenever we go out we always order pizza and nachos?” It dawned upon the rest of us that he was right, but this is the kind of thing you just ignore because you’re perfectly content with the way things are.

So, with my fondness for pizza, I was delighted to come across a recipe for a zucchini pizza casserole. It’s not pizza-pizza and don’t expect it to be, but the good thing is it has cups of veggies in it and does taste like pizza. Whatever you want in a pizza, you can also put in this dish (pepperoni, anyone?).


Okay, let the pizza loving begin!

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