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Slow Cooker Winter Food: Chicken and Dumplings

A slow cooker is the kind of kitchen equipment most cooks would think twice first before buying. Obviously that should apply for every purchase we make, but with a slow cooker the question is always “Do I really need one?” or “Is it worth it to buy one?” As if we need another space-hugging machinery in the counter top.

Well, a slow cooker has its pros and cons, but personally I happen to like slow cookers. The reason is probably the same for everybody else who decided to buy one: I just have to dump in ingredients in the pot, leave home and go to work or run some errands, arrive at the doorstep with a ready meal waiting for me (or at least, an almost-ready meal). A slow cooker… let me just summarise it from a comment I’ve read somewhere in the archives of Internet, “it’s the busy girl’s dream.”

So, as it’s been cold lately and I want to contribute something relevant, here’s a recipe for delicious chicken and dumplings, a recent addition to our household list of winter food.

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Recipe ideas

Rich and Creamy New England Clam Chowder

Hi guys, like I said last time I’d write about a winter recipe. : ))

This one is New England white clam chowder, which I liked better (as of this moment at least) than its clear or tomato-based variants. Creamy and warm, perfect when you’re comfortably snuggled in heaps of blanket in a chilly weather, watching the telly a movie or series in your laptop or reading a book. Or, you know, just plain eating with the rest of the family.

So after a couple of tries and a bit of researching for other tips, I’ve ended up with this recipe:


creamy clam chowder

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Recipe ideas

Chocolate Porridge: A Homely Winter Recipe

cocoa powderIt has been cold lately.

Not that it’s a bad thing per se. I like it when it’s cold. It’s basically blanket weather, warm-soup weather, feel-good weather for me. Aside from getting better sleep, it’s comforting to stay at home and indulge yourself with something warm (provided you have no work that day).

When I was a kid my mom will cook all sorts of soups for us when it’s this cold — carrot and ginger soup, wild mushroom soup, or a creamy chicken macaroni soup, you name it. We were kids and we want variety, and that’s what mom gave us.

There’s also an old favourite of mine: chocolate porridge. It’s nothing fancy, just a homely dish to eat at breakfast when it’s cold. My mom cooked just enough portion for all of us because, if you leave for a couple of hours, the rice will absorb the liquid.

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