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Fruits and salads

Chilled Young Coconut Salad

I once heard someone said that you can live with just coconuts – drink the coconut water and then consume the meat. In the Philippines, it’s even called the “tree of life.” The point is that coconut is a very versatile fruit. Coconut water makes for a refreshing drink, coconut milk has many culinary uses such as in curry or as a creamy sauce, coconut oil is used for frying and coconut meat can be eaten scraped fresh from the shell or used in a variety of baked goods and desserts (coconut pie, anyone?).

young coconuts

I’ve mentioned these things because it’s nearing Christmas, and I love to use shredded coconut mixed with fruits for dessert. A sweet young coconut salad doesn’t require any cooking; just toss everything with cream and condensed milk. I like it better when there’s twice more coconut strips than fruits and I only like a bit of pineapple chunks, but everybody has their own preference.

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